Our Approach

Gajic Lawyers – We do everything that your claim requires at the time it is required.

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Gajic Lawyers 02 9890 5885 Parramatta | 02 9727 2277 Cabramatta.

From the moment that you decide that you wish us to help you, we will ensure that:

  • Immediate steps are taken which will result in your claim being finalised as quickly as possible
  • You are not required to pay anything toward the preparation of your claim
  • You speak to a solicitor whenever you need to
  • Any enquiry you have is answered promptly
  • Your telephone call is always returned promptly
  • Copies of material relating to your claim are provided to you as it progresses and at the completion of your claim

We do everything that your claim requires to be done at the time it is required to be done.


  • An interpreter is available to you if required;
  • A barrister is involved in your claim;
  • There is full transparency in the way your claim is managed;
  • If there is no compensation paid to you, we will not recover from you any fees or anything we have paid in the preparation of your claims;

If you are looking for a law firm that is more concerned with helping clients than maintaining its own 99% success rate, call Gajic Lawyers on 02 9890 5885 (Parramatta) or 02 9727 2277 (Cabramatta).