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At Gajic Lawyers, our highest priority is to protect and uphold your rights, and the most important of these is your right to privacy. We promise to safeguard the security of any personal information you give us, in person, on the phone or online, as required by the Commonwealth Privacy Act (1988).

Every legal case will involve some aspects of your personal life – perhaps your medical history, your home, your employment record, your financial records, your family life or your relationships. So it is very important that you feel absolutely confident and comfortable that we will treat your personal information with respect and will not reveal it to anyone who does not need to know it, to give you the best legal service possible.

Every legal practitioner and every employee of the legal system, from the courts to government agencies and other law firms, has to respect your privacy and use your personal information only in ways that are relevant to your case.

  • While we are handling your case at Gajic Lawyers, we promise:
  • to collect your personal information in an appropriate and legal way, ensuring that you know we are doing so
  • to explain what we will do with your information and what it could be used for
  • to check that your personal information is correct before we use it, or before other parts of the legal system (for example, the courts) have access to it
  • to store your personal information safely, to keep it confidential and to guard it against unauthorised access – we ensure this with secure and backed-up computer systems, locked files, the best alarm and security protection available, special training for staff and many other strong measures
  • to ensure your personal information is used only for the reason why it was collected (unless the law requires and safeguards another reason)
  • to ensure that our staff only use your personal information in carrying out the service you have specifically asked for
  • to ensure that your personal information is not revealed to anyone else, to any government body or other organisation (unless the law requires and safeguards this further use).

We will not pass your personal information to any government or private organisation, or any other person, unless:

  • it is required or allowed by law
  • we need to provide you with a service you have asked for.

Occasionally, we may be required to release certain facts, statements or statistics relating to your case, but we will only do this in a way that does not identify you, or make it possible for others to identify you, or reveal anything specific or private about your case. At all times, we promise to act in the best interests of your personal information and to protect your privacy under the law.

We do not usually ask for personal information from you when you visit this website, and neither will we try to identify you via your web browser unless the law requires us to do so. The only personal information we normally collect from you here is anything you choose to offer us. Your email address will only be recorded if you contact us, and then it will not be given to anyone else or placed on a mailing list. We will only use your email address to communicate with you in relation to your case.

If we hold personal information belonging to you, then you can ask for access to it at any time. If you think mistakes have been made while recording it, you can ask for these to be corrected.

At Gajic Lawyers, your privacy is our top priority and we take it very seriously. If you think that we have broken these guidelines in any way or that your privacy has been violated, please inform us immediately.

If you would like to know more about our privacy policy and how we protect our clients’ personal information, contact us on 02 9890 5885 (Parramatta) or 02 9727 2277 (Cabramatta) or send us an email.